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6 Car Safety Features You Should Know About in 2023

April 27, 2023
A lot of people drive in their cars every day without worrying about the risks in Sydney. While vehicles have transformed a lot since their introduction over 100 years ago, accidents still happen daily. Buying a vehicle with optimal car safety features can help prevent these issues from occurring. Check out these six vehicle safety features car owners should know about in 2023. 1. Autonomous Eme...

Tips To Share The Road Safely With Trucks

November 29, 2022
Trucks are large, hefty vehicles. A crash involving a truck is more likely to cause injury or death due to its size, weight and length. Trucks need much more room to stop and turn and have more blind spots than cars. Therefore, car drivers need to take additional care when sharing the road with trucks! Here are tips to follow when driving on the road with trucks. Allow at least one car length w...

COVID-19 Hygiene and Sanitation Procedures

April 2, 2020
The team at Sutherland Automotive is working hard to keep you safe during COVID-19 crisis. The health and wellbeing of both our clients and team members are our highest priorities. We understand that you have questions about the new normal, and we’re happy to answer them. Going Contactless at Sutherland Automotive We are still conducting face-to-face vehicle drop-offs and collections while o...

6 Top Winter Car Safety Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

July 7, 2019
If you’re heading to the snow this year, these winter car safety tips will give you one less thing to worry about.  6 Top Winter Car Safety Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road By following these tips, you can just focus on enjoying your holiday.  Create a Car Safety Kit The first step towards winter car safety is to place a few essential items in the boot of your car. A standard emergency k...