In the vast universe of automotive care, one often overlooked tip stands out – the car cover. Not only does it keep your prized vehicle safe from external threats, but it also ensures its aesthetic appeal remains undiminished.

At Sutherland Automotive, we’re passionate about maintaining the beauty and longevity of your car. In this article, we’ll go through some of the benefits of investing in a high-quality car cover.

Waving Dents and Scratches On Your Car Goodbye

Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of discovering the first scratch on your brand-new car when parked at home? We’ve been there. But here’s the good new. A protective layer from a car cover can be the shield your vehicle needs. Acting as a barrier, it provides that necessary cushion against potential hazards, be it a change in the weather or a not-so-careful neighbouring car door.

Car Covers Help You Avoid Nature’s Wrath

The great outdoors, while refreshing for us, can be a vehicle’s worst nightmare. From the precise “targeting” of birds to the unpredictable fallout from trees like branches, insects, birds, dust and the natural surroundings, there are potential threats to your car’s finish.

When dus settles on your vehicle, it can become abrasive, causing scratches that are often noticed when it’s too late. With a reliable car cover, you ensure that your car remains protected against these natural challenges.

Preventing Car Theft

A car cover might appear as a mere layer of fabric, but its presence can deter potential thieves. Time is of the essence for such thieves. If they see a covered vehicle, it may often make them think twice, as it adds an extra step to their mischief. For even more protection, add a lock and cable to your cover, and the security level ramps up even further.

Weathering the Storms

Weather conditions, from the seemingly harmless spring rain to the corrosive combination of moisture and salt in colder climates, can be detrimental to your vehicle’s finish. UV rays, known for their potential harm to human skin, are equally menacing to a car’s paint, bleaching the colour over time. Fortunately, a car cover acts as a protective layer against these elements, much like sunscreen shields our skin.

Why Car Covers Are Important

The allure of custom-fit car covers lies in their precision. Tailored to fit every contour, nook, and cranny of your vehicle, a specially design car cover ensure comprehensive protection. They’re meticulously designed, right down to the sewn-in mirror pockets and grommet holes for antennas.

It’s not just about picking any cover; it’s about selecting the right one by make and model. Factors influencing this choice include:

1. Parking & Usage

Whether you’re parking outdoors regularly or keeping your classic car stored for long durations, there’s an ideal cover for every scenario.

2. Local Weather Conditions

From the rain-soaked regions to the sun-drenched seasons, the choice of material and design can vary based on climate.

3. Colour and Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, car covers can be a style statement. Depending on the vehicle’s color and personal preference, one can opt for vibrant hues or more neutral shades.

A Car Cover Is A Long Term Investment

At Sutherland Automotive, we believe that your vehicle deserves the best. A car cover isn’t just an accessory; it’s an investment in prolonging the beauty, functionality, and life of your prized possession. It’s a secret that car enthusiasts use to protect their vehicles and it might work for you too.