Driving a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle isn’t the best for the environment as these vehicles produce greenhouse gas emissions. Getting around Sydney and the surrounding areas conveniently requires constant driving, and switching to EV cars is not always the best option for all drivers either.

Explore these tips for eco-friendly driving that can reduce your carbon footprint. In many cases, these tips can also reduce your fuel consumption and improve your gas mileage.

Actions You Can Take Before Hitting the Open Road

Before hitting the open road, consider these tips for eco-friendly driving.

• Always adequately inflate your tyres, as properly inflated tyres can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%.

• Regularly inspect and change any dirty air filters, as doing so can improve petrol consumption by up to 10%.

• Different grades of motor oil exist, and your vehicle’s manufacturer may recommend a preferred grade. Whenever possible, use the motor oil grade most recommended for your car.

• If you’re going on a trip or need to accomplish many errands at once, plan out your schedule to save time and fuel.

• If you have multiple vehicles, drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle when it makes sense. For example, while an SUV is great for family trips, you probably don’t need it for day-to-day activities.

• Avoid keeping your car warmed up leaving it idle, as you can save fuel by turning off the engine.

• Remove any unnecessary weights, including roof racks or heavy items inside your vehicle that you’re not using.

Actions You Should Take While Driving

By 2030, Australia’s Department of Energy wants to reach emission levels of 43%, with zero net emissions by 2050.

To achieve this goal, the government is making the transition to electric cars easier for its citizens. Some strategies exist for reducing emissions even while driving a petrol-powered vehicle, including:

• Avoid using air conditioning. Sometimes, using your car’s air conditioning can feel like a necessity, especially when stuck in slow-moving traffic. Rolling down your windows, however, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.

• Reducing how often you accelerate and brake. Accelerating increases fuel usage, while braking wastes energy. When possible, use cruise control, such as for highway speeds.

• Not giving into road rage. Whether because you’re having a bad day or the driver in front of you is irritating you, we’ve all had feelings of road rage. Aggressive driving of any kind can put you and other drivers at risk while forcing you to burn more fuel.

• Properly using your overdrive gears. You should always drive in the proper gear because using a lower gear and revving up your engine wastes more fuel. An automatic transmission can help with this.

What Are Some Other Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Tips for eco-friendly driving also include suggestions like:

• Carpooling. If you drive to work every day, consider carpooling with a coworker or a group of coworkers. Doing so can reduce everybody’s carbon footprint while also helping to save money.

• Exploring other transportation methods. In Sydney, other modes of transportation exist, like buses and the train system.

• Avoiding rush hours. It’s not always realistic to avoid rush hours, especially if you commute to work. However, you can often work around rush hours for errands like shopping.

• Walking or bicycling. If you just need to travel a few blocks away, then walk or ride a bicycle to save on fuel. You’ll be working on your health and fitness too!

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