Car maintenance myths. We all fall for them! But here at Sutherland (and our partner shop in Rozelle), we want to make sure that our community has the most helpful and accurate car care information that they can.

The Most Common Car Maintenance Myths Out There

 We’ve rounded up five of the most common car maintenance myths. Here are the ones you’re most likely to encounter:

Premium Fuel is Always Better for Your Car

 You should always check your owner’s manual to see what your car manufacturer suggests, as sometimes the regular fuel will work just fine.

However, the reason that checking the manual is so important is that if you use a different (e.g. lower grade) fuel than is recommended, you can damage your engine.

Using Independent Repair Shops Voids Your Warranty

Your vehicle’s warranty is valid until its expiration date, regardless of where you service your car.

Sometimes, your dealership might imply that you can only come to them for repairs and assistance, but they can’t actually make you do this.

Any auto repair shop can perform maintenance that is covered by your warranty – this means that it’s specified in the owner’s manual and completed according to schedule.

All you have to do to stay “in the clear” is keep your receipts so you have a record of the work and its cost.

Don’t Ever Replace One Tyre at a Time

If you run over a nail and puncture a tyre, you might be looking at a bill that’s a lot smaller than you think. This is because you don’t actually need to replace all four tyres at the same time, especially over something as small as a puncture.

Simply have your mechanic assess the wound and, if they think it’s a good idea based on the particular problem, patch it up.

If you do need to replace the tyre, check your owner’s manual and speak to your mechanic, but you can usually get away with only replacing two tyres at a time.

The new pair (front or rear) needs to be an identical match to the remaining one. This means that the tread pattern, speed rating, brand, and size should all be the same.

Use the Breeze (instead of the aircon) for Better Fuel Economy

It doesn’t really matter (as far as fuel economy goes at least) whether you run your aircon at full blast or make use of the wind to keep yourself comfortable. Sure, using the aircon uses a little bit more fuel, but having the windows down increases wind resistance, which in turn burns more fuel anyway.

So, really, just use the method that works best for you.

If It Seems Fine, It is Fine

Sometimes problems with a vehicle will not be apparent to the untrained eye. Often, drivers do not notice serious issues until it is too late. It’s important to check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer suggests as a maintenance schedule and follow it closely.

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