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7 Benefits of Regular Car Washing

November 29, 2023
Has it been more than a few months since you last washed your car? We've all been there. You might be justifying neglecting the car by telling yourself, "It's not a big deal", or "I'll get to it later." But keeping your vehicle clean is about more than admiring the shine on a beautiful day. Learn all about the benefits of regular car washing. Washing your car is a part of general maintenance to k...

Your Car’s Thermostat – How it Works, Symptoms, Problems, and Testing

November 26, 2023
In the complex world of a car's engine, the thermostat may appear to be a minor component, but its function is crucial for maintaining the engine's optimum performance. For motorists travelling through Australia's diverse climate, from the sun-baked Outback to the cooler Southern regions, understanding the role and importance of the car thermostat can be immensely beneficial. In this detailed gu...

The Different Types of Petrol For Cars

November 17, 2023
Have you ever thought about what those numbers on the gas pump are and which petrol to put in your car? Different octane fuels can increase the fuel economy of your car or speed up high-performance vehicles.  Learn how to choose the right fuel for your car and answers to common petrol FAQs. Different Vehicle Fuel Types When you go to the petrol station, you see several fuel types available. Un...

How to Know You Have a Bad Wheel Alignment

September 24, 2023
For many Aussies, your car is a trusted companion on road trip, whether it’s down the coat in summer, or up to the snow in winter. But what happens when your reliable companion starts behaving a bit wonky? One of the common issues affecting a vehicle's performance is its wheel alignment. While it might sound technical, understanding the signs of a bad wheel alignment is crucial for every driver...