It’s always pretty annoying when your car breaks down in Sydney. 

Sure, there are plenty of public transportation options available while your vehicle is in the shop for repairs, but the moments between the initial break down and mechanic consultation can be frustrating. 

Here are just a few things to keep in mind to make the process just a little bit easier:

The Givens If Your Car Breaks Down in Sydney

Whether it’s flat tyre or other mechanical failure, these are the common sense steps to take when your car breaks down in Sydney, but they still need to be said: 

As you pull over, always turn on your hazard lights. If visibility is bad, you should activate your parking lights as well. 

Scan your surroundings for the safest place to pull over. This could be a hard shoulder or breakdown lane, or even a nearby car park if you think you can make it there. 

When stopping your vehicle, make sure that it comes to a rest as far away from traffic as possible. This might mean “hugging” the barrier with the side of your car. 

If possible, stay seated with your seatbelt fastened and call for roadside assistance.

Exiting Your Vehicle 

Whether it’s when roadside assistance arrives, or before to get help, what happens if you need to get out of your car?

You need to check and double check for traffic. Which might seem painfully obvious, but, especially if you breakdown on a highway, the speed of oncoming vehicles can be particularly hard to judge. 

Always exit your vehicle on the “safe side.” Which is the side farthest from oncoming traffic. It’s important to do this, even if it means a little bit of climbing around inside your vehicle — especially at night. 

The Next Steps

Depending on your skill set, some mechanical issues, like a flat battery or tyre, might be fixable with the help of a mate. 

However, if you find yourself unable to locate the problem, or fix it with the tools you have available to you, then it’s time to find a good mechanic. 

After calling one of the major roadside assistance numbers, you have a couple of choices.

If it’s an easy fix, they might be able to help you out right then and there and get you on your way. However, it’s also possible that you’ll need a tow for more troubleshooting.

If you want an honest, reliable assessment of your vehicle, consider the team here at Sutherland Automotive.

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