When you think your car needs servicing for any reason, it can seem like a never-ending hassle. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to sort it yourself, and sometimes you can’t tell if the mechanic is giving you accurate information.

Sutherland Automotive offers a solution. Whether you need regular checkups or urgent repairs, we’ll give you objective advice on what needs fixing or replacing to get your vehicle back to peak performance. This way, your car is always safe, and you can eliminate the anxiety of not knowing what’s going on with your vehicle.

At Sutherland Automotive, we’re committed to providing superior car care services to our customers. We’ve been serving the Sylvania area for over 15 years. We understand how crucial your car is and how much you depend on it to get you from A to B in comfort, safety and style.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a mechanic who can get the job done. Our technicians are fully trained and will be able to offer you expert service for all of your vehicle needs. We provide a range of services that include oil changes, brake repairs, air conditioning repairs, exhaust repairs, and more.

We make your car a priority.

We’d love to answer any questions about your car or our car service. Whether you choose us, or another company, make sure the Sylvania car mechanic you hire is well-trained and knowledgeable about vehicle repairs.

Phone us today to organise your next auto service or repair – (02) 9545 3051

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