Has it been more than a few months since you last washed your car? We’ve all been there. You might be justifying neglecting the car by telling yourself, “It’s not a big deal”, or “I’ll get to it later.” But keeping your vehicle clean is about more than admiring the shine on a beautiful day. Learn all about the benefits of regular car washing.

Washing your car is a part of general maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Pollution, bugs and road debris are just a few toxins that can ruin your vehicle if you don’t remove them with regular washes.

The Advantages of Car Washing

Maintain Your Car’s Value

If a car or truck is just a mode of transportation and you want to spend as little money as possible, maintenance is key. Washing your car protects against damage that would decrease your car’s value, which means you don’t have to buy a car every few years because it starts to rust. When you sell it in the future, you’ll know that peeling paint and caked-on dirt won’t keep people from buying it.

Prevent Rust

Rust wreaks havoc on your car’s paint and metal components, so you’ll want to keep rust far away from it to keep it in one piece. Rust will eventually make your car undrivable over time, but you can protect it on a regular basis with car washes. Be sure to clean the wheel wells often, as well as the nooks and crannies. Get the underside of the car professionally washed at least once a year so you never have to worry about rust again.

Protect Your Car’s Paint

Dirt and sediment can corrode your car’s paint if it has time to penetrate the protective coatings. Preserving your car’s paint with consistent washing and waxing will make it shine for years and even stop rust. Bright and shiny paint is one of the benefits of regular car washing.

Improve Safety

Dirty windshields, mucked-up wheels, and grimy brakes can interfere with your car’s operation. Cleaning also means checking your tyres for nails or sharp objects so you don’t get stranded after not noticing a slowly leaking tyre.

Be Prepared for Guests

Picking up family or friends in a messy car is no way to make them feel invited. You’ll make a good first impression and get compliments on your car’s shine when the interior and exterior are free of dirt, stains, or smells.

Besides regular car washes, you can put air fresheners, gum, or mints in your vehicle to keep passengers happy.

Disinfect Germs

Washing your car includes vacuuming the inside to get rid of germs and dirt. This is also a great time to wipe down the surfaces inside with disinfectants to eliminate bacteria and viruses that can get you sick.

Allergy sufferers, in particular, will want to clean their cars often and change air filters yearly. Changing air filters will also help your auto improve fuel efficiency, saving you money every time you drive.

Feel Good When You Drive

Nagging tasks like decluttering your home or cleaning your car can stress you out. When your car is clean, you’ll have peace of mind when you drive. Less stress brings you more enjoyment, so make time to clean your vehicle.

If you keep your car clean routinely, it will run well into the future. This is just one of the benefits of regular car washing.

If you need to book an appointment for maintenance or inspection, our team at Sutherland Automotive are here to keep all of your vehicles safe and running.