Understanding the correct way to turn at intersections can be one of the most confusing aspects of driving. With around half of all New South Wales (NSW) road crashes occurring at intersections, mastering driving manoeuvres when approaching and exiting an intersection is an essential key to your safety on the road.

In this article, we take you through the proper way to turn at an intersection from all directions in New South Wales, including those with and without road signs.

Approaching the Intersection

As you approach an intersection, it’s important to be prepared and alert of your surroundings such as the presence of signs, signals, other vehicles, and pedestrians. The specific circumstances of the intersection will dictate how you should proceed.

1 With Signs

Intersections with Signs

The turning rules are clear in intersections with ‘Stop’ or ‘Give Way’ signs. As a driver, you must give way to all vehicles in or approaching the intersection. Pedestrians crossing the road you’re turning into also have the right of way, so be vigilant and aware.

2 Without Signs

Intersections Without Signs

The rules become a little more complex at intersections without signs. In these situations, you must give way to any vehicle that crosses your path while turning. Remember, pedestrians crossing the road you’re turning into also have the right of way.

3 Turning Right

Turning Right at Intersections

When turning right, you should give way to vehicles approaching from your right, oncoming vehicles proceeding straight or turning left, and any pedestrians crossing the road you’re turning into.

4 Turning Left

Turning Left at Intersections

In contrast, when turning left at an intersection, you should give way to vehicles on your right and pedestrians crossing the road you’re turning into.

5 T Intersections

Navigating T-Intersections

T-intersections present their own set of rules. If you’re driving on a road that ends at a T-intersection, you must give way to all vehicles driving on the continuing road unless a sign indicates otherwise.

6 Keep Clear

Keeping Intersections Clear

Remember, keeping intersections clear is crucial. It’s illegal to block an intersection, so always ensure there’s space for your vehicle on the other side before entering.

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