Our mechanics at Sutherland Automotive are passionate about all things related to cars. Whether you need a service, repair, or upgrade, we’ve got you covered at our workshop. We guarantee the best Car Mechanic Service for Kangaroo Point residents.

Booking your next appointment with us is easy – just view our calendar, choose a date, and enter your details in our booking form.

When you arrive at our workshop, one of our highly trained and friendly technicians will speak with you to get started on the job. With our knowledge and experience, you can trust us with making sure your vehicle is operating back to top shape.

You may be driving to work or out with family and friends but soon notice a difference when you step on the brakes. By speaking to one of our specialists, we will happily inspect your vehicle to ensure your safety and determine if a replacement is needed. Our car brakes service is the best Car Mechanic Service in Kangaroo Point.

Alternatively, you may be noticing other issues which you are unsure of that are occurring with your car. Bring it to us so we can observe it and let you know what the issue is using our tools and experience.

To get the best Car Mechanic Service Kangaroo Point locals prefer, book online today!

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